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We have Bombay kitties, Blue, Platinum, Champagne, and Sable Burmese, and a rescue Lynx-point Siamese mix. They are all inseparable and readily cuddle (and get into mischief together!) with whosoever is available.

We are CFA, ACFA, and TICA registered.

Early on

We began breeding Burmese in 1982 with a sable Burmese cat named Shy-anne Persnickety. We dedicated our efforts to keep the breed strong and healthy, focusing on personality while upholding the characteristic traits of the breed for twenty years.  In 2006, we took a break from breeding to focus on raising our human family because our children required frequent trips to Children’s Hospital in Oakland which left our feline babies alone for weeks with sitters.  In 2022, with our children grown, we decided to dedicate our life to Burmese once again.  


We have researched, in depth, the origins of Bombay cats and we realize the importance of maintaining healthy lines for these rare breeds. The Bombay breed was created, in most basic terms, to help Burmese, due to the rarity of the breed, to combat inbreeding. Bombay have the same personality, body type, and intelligence of Burmese, but in a miniature black panther body. We eagerly acquired a Bombay, Zorchi, in 2023 to breed both Burmese and Bombay and we have not regretted it for a second!  As our last few Burmese from our original bloodlines approach the rainbow bridge, we find solace in knowing that we are continuing to keep the breeds alive and healthy.


At Katferr Cattery, we have only two (three maximum) breeding females at any given time which allows us to cuddle and coddle every litter of kittens. Our kittens are raised as part of our family which ensures that they will be lovable, healthy, and eager to join their new family on adventures and life-long companionship. Our goal is to help sustain the health and longevity of both Burmese and Bombay cats, and to share the amazing breed with families looking for an incomparable breed. Be aware; Burmese and Bombay have a long life expectancy. Most of our Burmese live between 18-20 years. They are loyal, intelligent, loving, and they trust to a fault. When considering a Burmese or a Bombay, know that they will be by your side for close to two decades, and they are assertive cuddlers (they prefer under-the-covers).